вторник, мая 31, 2005

The problem with Linux

Do you know what the problem with Linux is? Lean closer and I'll tell you.

It's not that it's free (or Free). It's not that it's hard to set up. It's not that it lacks corporate support (it has lots of it).

It's that the open-source software that runs on it sucks big cock. Come on, let's face it, it does. I've been a Linux zealot for almost a year now so I know. It's buggy. It's poorly documented. Unless it's written by a Russian or a Chinese, it's not internationalized properly. Because it's written by people who couldn't care less what you, the user, think about it, because they're writing it for themselves. While some may find it amusing, some do not.

I'm so tired of it all.

After half a year of using Linux on my workstation at work, I'm starting to think that perhaps I've had enough.