четверг, августа 11, 2005

My experience with phpBB

Lemike of Besmella-Quake.com caught me on IRC and asked what we decided to do about ZQuake forums, whether to move them to the new Besmella forums or not.

I was then enlightened with an idea, why can't I set up a forum in my sourceforge.net project space? I consulted SourceForge Site Docs and it appeared I'm allowed do that. So I downloaded phpBB2 and had it running on zquake.sourceforge.net/forum in under an hour, voila!

I didn't expect it would be that easy, really. phpBB2 is definitely an amazing piece of software. One thing I didn't like is the obligatory two-level section hierarchy; I'd prefer to just have a single flat list of topics.

But I'm still unsure if I want to host the forum on SourceForge. So I posted a question to other ppl to see what they say.